US Open
Rod Kehl
The Commish
Tom Duffy
Al Jones
Jim Stanforth
Don Fisk
Craig Botch
Randy Wellner
Rob Kaade
Judy Kaade
Bill Edwards
John Kizer
Mike James
Barbara Botch
Tim Burkhead

Each team will select 1 Player from 6 Groups

The 3 Lowest Scores will determine Overall Team Score.

The cost of the contest is $30

With 30 Participants
Prize Pool $900

1st Place - $315
2nd Place - $225
3rd Place - $180
4th Place - $90
5th Place - $90
Rick Clark
Ron Gauthier
Don Nunes
Karen Heath
Ed Coffey
Don Manning
Dave Davis
Eugene Johnson
Dave Smith
George Hadley
Dwight Brown
Duane Brown
Joel Schwartz
Jon Schmieder
Adam Strupp
Mike Strupp
Current Standings